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The 'Spinal Cord Injury Priority Setting  Partnership' (SCI PSP) has been working closely  and successfully with people with Spinal Cord  Injury, Cauda Equina Syndrome and Transverse  Myelitis, their carers, health and social care  professionals and the wider community. This  partnership was seeking to identify and prioritise  the most important research questions for these  three medical conditions, generally referred to as  'Spinal Cord Injury' (SCI). The outcomes of this  partnership - a 'Top 10' of the most important SCI  research questions - will enable researchers to  address topics that are important to the wider  SCI community. The Process  1. Bringing together all Stakeholders: The SCI PSP steering group made up of people with SCI, carers and  healthcare professionals first met in April 2013. A protocol outlining the aims, objectives and methods of the  partnership was finalised in June 2013 and can be downloaded here.   2. Question gathering:a large scale survey was conducted between September and December 2013 for anyone  with an interest in spinal cord injury to submit potential research questions.  3. Sorting: Questions gathered in the previous stage were sorted and grouped into topic areas by the SCI PSP  Information Manager, then checked against previous research to see if they had already been answered.  4. Prioritising: Once all questions and true uncertainties had been gathered and sorted, a second Survey was  launched to identify which of all these questions were most important to those with an interest in spinal cord  injury.  This Prioritisation Survey was conducted between 22nd April and 31st May 2014.    5. Narrowing down to a 'Top 10': A Final Prioritisation Workshop to discuss and rank the top 25 questions from  the survey was held on Saturday 5th July 2014. Attendees, including people with a SCI, carers, patient  representatives and healthcare professionals,  were able to express their views, hear different perspectives  and think more widely about SCI to ultimately identify the 10 most important research questions.  6. Announcing the Results: the 'Top 10' research priorities were formally announced on 1st October 2014 and  are shown on the "Top 10 Research Questions" page of this website. 
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