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International Spinal Cord Rehabilitation (ISCoR) study group The foundation is proud to be a partner of the International Spinal Cord  Rehabilitation (ISCoR) study group. This collaboration comprises a broad  international representation of inpatient Spinal Rehabilitation Units, including a  mix from developed and developing countries. The groups overall objective is  to conduct research on the rehabilitation outcomes for patients with spinal  cord damage from any cause in their different countries.  The group was formed out of recognition of the need for large, international,  collaborative multi-centre research on people with spinal cord damage. It was  initially thought that the ISCoR study group would focus only on people with  spinal cord myelopathy (SCM), sometimes referred to as non-traumatic spinal  cord injury (SCI), in response to the relative paucity of literature regarding  people with these causes of spinal cord damage. However, it was  subsequently determined that the group would involve itself in research projects involving patients of any aetiology, that is  traumatic SCI and SCM, although a major interest in the SCM cohort still remains.  The ISCoR study group began in 2009, after preliminary discussions between the principal investigator (Dr Peter New) and a  number of clinicians and researchers (Andrea Townson, Georgio Scivaletto, Marcel Post, Eimer Smith and Ron Reeves) were  held at the 2009 International Spinal Cord Society Meeting in Florence, Italy. Over the following year email discussions  progressed planning for research activities and efforts were made to recruit additional units. The participating units were  selected on the basis that they treated an estimated minimum of 50 adult patients over a 3-year period with recent onset of  SCM and were willing to participate in the project. Exclusion criterion was the participation of another unit from the same  country. It was initially intended to include at least one unit from each continent. Despite the study groups best efforts, and  some preliminary interest from a number of centres, no SRU from South America or Africa has been identified to date that met  the inclusion criteria.
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Collaborators: Dr Peter New, Melbourne, Australia (Principal Investigator) Dr Inge Eriks-Hoogland, Nottwil, Switzerland Dr Zaheer Gill, Rawalpindi, Pakistan Dr Anupam Gupta, Bangalore, India Dr Marcel Post, Utrecht, the Netherlands Dr Ron Reeves, Rochester, MN, USA Dr Giorgio Scivoletto, Rome, Italy Dr Eimaer Smith, Dublin, Ireland Dr Andrea Townsend, Vancouver, BC, Canada Dr Joost van Middendorp, Aylesbury, UK
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