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Research Projects Studies in preparation The SCI-POEM study: the efficacy of acute surgical decompression after traumatic Spinal Cord Injury; a Prospective, Observational European Multicenter study. The Exoskeleton: a partnership with the National Spinal Injuries Centre to implement a clinical research database (e-SPODE) which improves our understanding of patient outcomes and how to enhance them. The Eye Gaze System: an evaluation of benefits of an eye-operated communication and control system that empowers severely disabled spinal cord injury patients to communicate and interact with the world around them. Paediatric SCI: an initiative to establish a Pan-European Paediatric Spinal Cord Injury network of specialists to investigate and standardise the management and care of children and adolescents with Spinal Cord Injury. Return to Work: according to Professor Ludwig Guttmann, the moment of return to work is the true endpoint of a successful rehabilitation. Interested parties are welcome to contact Dr van Middendorp.
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