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05-Aug-‘13: Our SCI PSP website has gone live today! This website will offer you the latest news, background  information of this initiative and access to the PSP surveys. The first survey will be available from 9 September 2013, so  please keep checking this website for more information. The website is kindly hosted by the Stoke Mandeville Spinal  Foundation. A huge thanks to Dick Collard - the website developer - who managed to launch the website well before the  launch of the survey.  02-Aug-‘13: We are delighted that the first five organisations have declared their interest to become partners and  supporters of the SCI Priority Setting Partnership. An overview of the project Partners and Supporters can be found here.  24-Jun-'13: The Steering Groups has signed of a protocol which outlines the aims, objectives and methods of the  partnership. An electronic copy of the protocol can be downloaded here.  22-Apr-’13: The first Steering Group meeting of the Spinal Cord Injury Priority Setting Partnership (SCI PSP) was held  on 22 April in Oxford. This was an important milestone after months of preparations and waiting for approval from the key  SCI organisations to participate. During the launch meeting we discussed the scope and objectives of the SCI PSP. We  decided that this PSP should not only cover SCI. We will also invite people with Cauda Equina Syndrome and  Transverse Myelitis, and their carers and health care professionals, to participate in the survey.    The Steering Group has grown to five patient and carer representatives and four health care professional  representatives, supplemented by Katherine Cowan (Chair) from the JLA and initiator and co-ordinator Dr Joost van  Middendorp from the Stoke Mandeville Spinal  Foundation. More details about the involved  organisations can be found on the soon-to-be-launched  SCI PSP webpage where a list of supporting partners  will also be presented.  Once the protocol has been  finalised, all supporting partners have been identified,  and the survey has been approved by the Steering  Group, the SCI PSP will be launched formally. The  Steering Group is grateful for the generous financial  support from the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre.    The team photograph shows some of the people who  are kindly working with us on this PSP. There are three  people missing from the picture – Ann Glover from  Cauda Equina Syndrome UK, Lew Gray from the  Transverse Myelitis Society and Val Javens, an  independent carer representative.  (Left to right):  Andreas Demetriades (Neurosurgeon), Sashin Ahuja (Spinal Surgeon), Katherine Cowan (JLA), Joost van Middendorp  (Research Director), Wagih El Masri (Spinal Injuries Consultant), Christa Dyson (Spinal Injuries Association), Angela Gall  (Rehabilitation Medicine Consultant), Jeremy Fairbank (Spinal Surgeon), Nigel Henderson (Spinal Surgeon), Dave  Bracher (Spinal Injuries Association). 
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